Our Passion: The Flight of Your Visions

Do you want to keep up with your growing business?
Do you need to rapidly deploy dependable IT capacity to meet the demands of overflow?
Do you seek a long-term partnership with a company that can take care of all your web development requirements?
To take flight in today's competitive world, businesses need web technologies, and more. At CreatingSkies, we know this.

This is why we are dedicated to being a full web service company that can provide the precise web development solutions for companies and individuals alike.

Whatever your marketing and web technology needs, CreatingSkies has the flexibility and expertise to measure up to support your goals.


Our Process

We define the problems and identify solutions. We start off with understanding our clients’ business problems and goals, and identifying the web technology solutions that work best for them.

We structure the project and deliver content. This stage involves organizing the project into bite-size chunks that we can easily implement—and that our clients can easily monitor.

With the backbone in place, we design the site. We begin by reviewing the project goals, to ensure that the design matches function in a seamless partnership. We then develop an HTML protosite and test the site’s functionality, develop design concepts which are presented to our clients for approval.

We begin building the site. Actual site creation now begins. This involves establishing guidelines, creating the file structure, integrating the backend , implementing light testing, and also setting up a QA plan.

We test, deliver, launch and maintain. This stage encompasses testing, iteration, delivery, launching and maintenance.

Our work does not end when a site is launched. The last step, site maintenance, involves knowledge transfer, maintaining the site and confirming site security over the long term.

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