Adarna House

Adarna House

The Adarna House tagline "Masayang magbasa!" — Filipino for "It's fun to read!" — embodies its dedication to improve Filipino children's quality of life, intellectual capacity, and cultural consciousness by creating enjoyable reading experiences and learning opportunities.

The only comprehensive literary service provider in the country, Adarna House takes pride in its creative reading programs and services — campus visits, storytelling sessions, and workshops for both children and adults. More than just a book-production house, it sets a loftier objective: "inspiring Filipino children to dream, to explore worlds, to enjoy their childhood, and to take pride in being Filipino."

Reaching Far Shores

Because the experience of reading and dreaming has long sprung out of geographic boxes, Adarna House is passionate about sharing the vibrancy and uniqueness of Filipino culture worldwide. Joining forces with CreatingSkies, Adarna House created an online store to make its publications more accessible to readers around the globe. With the new online strategy, Adarna seeks to reach and inspire more people to explore and learn from exciting new worlds in reading.

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