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Good project managers have to deal a lot with both upper management and customer problems. They are the glue between those two groups, even as they make everything happen for the customer. Thus, it is vital for them to show leadership qualities and the ability to collaborate.

Successful project managers often have strong communication skills. Afterall, they will be motivating the troops. You may want to brush up on your English language by attending speech clinics or practicing a lot on your own since you may be assigned to handle international clients from time to time. Read up on western culture, ethics, and basic business protocols. When you engage in a conversation, make sure you balance between being a people person and a leader, pleasing but firm. Don’t go extreme on either end.

A love for writing is highly recommended. There are topics on the Internet that could help sharpen your business communication skills, which you can apply to proper email construction or writing clear instructions. So please pay a little more attention on how you draft your email application and how you do your attachments. First impressions do go a long way.

Every one of our project managers have a special qualification they bring to the table. If you feel writing isn’t one of your stronger suit, then we suggest you find a niche on other qualifications that may be related to the industry such as technical knowledge or marketing or perhaps human psychology.

You must have a passion for details and an unhealthy obsession with time management. Having a watch on your wrist, coming in a few minutes earlier than the appointed time, and being a bit in charge on how you spend interview time tells a great deal about who you are. Little things like having organizers, notebooks and pens ready, and how well you keep your things are also good giveaway signs. You may also be tested on how well you can cope with pressure.

If you have prior experiences with time tracking and project scheduling, these may come in handy in dealing with multiple projects. So be proud to show samples of your past projects and be ready to explain how you were able to tackle them from requirements to results. Also be sure to mention software application tools that you are familiar with.

Oh yes, we can definitely tell if you are trying to wing it. If you have never encountered certain situations before, it would be best just to be honest about it. It’s more impressive that way.

Have a balanced diet, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly. We may want you energetic and motivated enough to lead the team and the projects.

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