Dr Holmes

Dr Margarita Holmes

Dr. Margarita Holmes is a well-known celebrity Filipino psychologist. An educator, TV-personality, and best-selling author, she embodies the quintessential modern woman.

The Goals

  • Update, develop, and expand Dr. Holmes' online presence
  • Streamline the forums and website to focus on Dr. Holmes' professional side
  • Emphasize the calls to action – to purchase books, to schedule personal consultations, or to engage Dr. Holmes for a lecture
  • Establish and cultivate an eCommerce website section for Dr. Holmes' books
  • Create a venue for interaction and intellectual discussions via Social Media

The Results

With a current count of 1,525 likes and 1,448 followers on Facebook and Twitter respectively, Dr. Holmes' online presence is now established and recognized in her fields and beyond. A consistent flow of lectures and consultations, as well as multiple completed book sales through the eCommerce section, substantiate that the above objectives have been achieved. Very much like the good doctor herself, her online presence shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

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Dr Margarita Holmes

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