NPK Medical

NPK Medical

Based in Quezon City, Philippines, NPK Medical Trading, Inc. is one of the largest distributors of medical equipment in the country. The company boasts of a diverse catalog of healthcare apparatuses.

The Goals

  • Reconceptualize the design and information architecture of the old website by focusing on the concepts of professional and corporate
  • Display a diverse catalog of all medical equipment available, complete with the most recent product images and descriptions
  • Streamline the website and allow avenues for easy correspondence for potential consumers
  • Redesign the medical website for a more modern and dynamic look and feel

The Results

NPK Medical Trading, Inc. has taken the steps needed to expand and grow as a market leader. It now enjoys the fruits of a completely redesigned website that sports modern features and effects while retaining the simplicity and grassroots strengths of the original. Professional, corporate, and user friendly – the new medical website reflects a sustainable performance in the online playing field, on a par with the best the industry has to offer.

Desktop View

NPK Medical

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